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Главная » 2012 » Март » 27 » G&G M.I.T. Unit
G&G M.I.T. Unit

G&G’s most interesting and innovative product at the IWA 2012 probably was their Military Intelligence Tracer Unit, short M.I.T. Unit. This device accommodates several functions, like a tracer unit, a visible laser, a BB counter and a chronometer to calculate the muzzle velocity, into the shape of a silencer. For the last two functions the silencer features a display on its side, which can be switched on or off.

Even more interesting though is a new feature that copies the concept of the MILES (Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System), which is used by the US military for training, and transfers it into the airsoft world. The MILES is basically a laser tag system, where the laser is activated by blanks being fired from the rifle. The M.I.T. Unit now functions very similar: A sensor within the unit detects when a BB is fired and activates a short laser pulse, which would then activate sensors worn by other players when hit. The target sensor could then signal the hit with sound and/or light, but G&G has not decided yet how these would look like, how many they would use or how exactly they will be worn by the players. Here they are looking for the potential customer’s feedback to find the optimal solution.

Anyways, the basic idea is to combine laser tag with airsoft, so that the advantages of both worlds can be utilized. At close distances the game would be the same as usual but beyond the maximal effective range of the BB pellets of roughly 50 m, encounters would still be possible up to around 300 m,  thanks to the laser system, while the general airsoft feeling is still sustained.

The M.I.T. Unit itself has a 14 mm counter-clockwise thread and its batteries were said to last up to one week in standby. It will be released this summer around June.

For more details you can watch G&G's promotional video on YouTube


By http://www.airsoft2day.com - World Airsoft News
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